Logistics is the most Assertive Investment, says CEO of Blackstone fund

On the second day of the Web Summit event, in Lisbon, at Altice Arena, one of the most anticipated talk shows addressed the theme: “The king of capital”. Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of the Blackstone Fund, interviewed by Thorold Barket, Editor EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) of The Wall Street Journal, participated in it.

Recently, the investment fund led by Schwarzman acquired GLP, a Singapore-based logistics company with industrial and logistics warehouses in urban areas in the United States. The transaction, valued at $ 18.7 billion, is considered “the largest private transaction in real estate today in the world,” said Stephen.

The assets purchased by Blackstone total of more than 16.6 million square meters, which practically doubles its industrial property portfolio in the USA. “Logistics is the most compelling investment topic for us today. We intend to increase our portfolio to respond to the growing demand for e-commerce ”, he said. With this latest acquisition, the fund has held more than 86.4 million square meters of logistics assets worldwide since 2010.

With assets valued at more than $ 500 billion, Blackstone’s founder and leader was announced on stage as “the King of Capital”. It is worth remembering that Stephen is a specialist in investments in debt of states or companies at risk of bankruptcy.

Delivery Driver – Whats their Work and Functionalities

Asked about the current state of the American economy, impacted by trade tensions with China, he acknowledged the disparity that exists in the USA. “Our country is going through a very difficult time. We have at least 25% of people without savings. In other words, what we know as insufficient income. And we have to address this issue ”, he commented.

One way to solve the problem, he said, would be to raise the minimum wage in the United States to $ 15 an hour. Currently, the minimum wage in the United States is $ 7.25 nationally, which may vary in the states. The CEO of Blackstone believes that this measure “would affect about 35% of the American population”.


According to Stephen, education is another area that deserves attention. “We have to reform the education system. One measure would be to allow teachers not to pay taxes. This would make many more people choose the profession, changing the current status of the teacher ”, he defended.

In his view, entrepreneurs must have / be:

1 – Business idea

Doing a little better than others already do is easy, but it is not distinctive. You have to start with something that deviates from the standard.

2 – Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a very lonely business. You need to have an attitude, do whatever it takes to make your business idea come true.

3 – Team

It is always better to hire a very good professional, even if it costs more than to have people who cannot really follow and understand the company’s purpose.

4 – Company culture

In addition to looking at the business model, it is necessary to pay attention to the company’s culture and excellence before deciding whether or not to make an investment. Transparency, intelligent people, teamwork, meritocracy and integrity are pillars for this culture.

5 – Investment in technology companies

The current moment, of strong investment in technology startups, is much better. This environment is healthier. There is a lot of money being invested in startups, and that is a positive point since they are transformative.

Correios Presents Logistics Solutions for E-commerce During the Event

Correios presented at the 16th National Week of Science and Technology, in Brasil, two new services for the areas of logistics and ordering: Correios Log Supri and Correios Packet.

The new Correios Packet import solution, according to the company, aims to improve the customer experience when shopping abroad. According to the Post Office Business Director, Alex do Nascimento, through a direct association with foreign marketplaces, the state-owned company like United Parcel Service inc intends to receive orders with more complete information and others reduce the delivery duration duty.

“In Packet, there is a direct business association between the website abroad and the Post Office. Thus the cargo will be prioritized, as it will come more prepared, with information and labels in the standard of Brazilian mail. There is a gain in terms of time, information and quality of services ”, highlights Alex do Nascimento. Also according to the director, the service is essential for electronic commerce, as deliveries that would take more than 40 business days can be carried out in up to 6 business days.

Correios Log Supri aims to provide companies and public agencies with a dedicated logistics chain in the management of their supplies, from the collection, receipt, conference, storage to distribution. The service, which can be followed through the corporate system of the Post Office, contributes to cost reduction and optimization of customers’ consumption materials. “For a city hall, managing costs such as renting space, storage, property tax, surveillance and cleaning can mean a 40% reduction in your expenses,” explained the director.

The service will be presented today (10/24) to potential customers in Brasília, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

Modernization of deliveries

The Post Office also presents the novelties that are being tested to modernize the delivery of orders to customers. In line with the company’s social and environmental responsibility policy, the stand features a model of the Long John electric bicycle with a trunk. The proposal is that the electrical equipment mitigates the emission of carbon monoxide by the Post Office. The model will be tested by the company in November, in São Paulo.

To make the order tracking and tracking process even more agile, the state-owned company still presents RFID technology, a project that is being developed in partnership with the Center for Excellence in Advanced Electronic Technology (CEITEC). The idea is to optimize the checking of the entire postal load by reading the packages through the radiofrequency.