Comparison between FedEx, UPS, and USPS

It is important for people to base their delivery options while shopping. These three options

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS

These are always the most commonly chosen postal service. People are usually confused about which one to choose and this article will help the readers to choose which option is the best for them. This article will give a brief detail about three postal service options and compare them.

1. United Service Postal Service (USPS) :

This is one of the best options for shipping small packages or lower than 13 ounces. They have some amazing rates and offers for small packages.

It was one of the most popular options in the earlier days of its introductions. They have some amazing rates and offers associated with various priority mail options which allow mail packages of any weight to any distance.

These emails based on priority can be picked up free of cost or even delivered at the doorstep of the receiver. There is an added bonus point to this compared to UPS and FedEx is that it takes fewer days to deliver mails on priority which is about 1-3 days.


  • This is the best option for small packages due to their low pricing.
  • It has a delivery system to mailboxes and PO boxes.
  • It does not charge any extra for pickup and also includes Saturday delivery.


  • It has tracking options for the package but comes with limitations.
  • It has a fairly poor customer service support.

2. United Parcel Service (UPS) :

This posting service comes with a lot of pros and is very economical. It is quite popular and is compared with FedEx.

The pros of this posting service includes guaranteed express shipping, great tracking services and it is a viable option for larger packages due to its cost-effective criterion.

It doesn’t add to any surcharges during the holidays. They have options for delivering nationally and internationally.

To deliver packages on Sunday, a pre-booking for delivery confirmation and daily pickups could be an option for arrangement.

USPS can be a cheaper option for smaller packages but definitely UPS is a cheaper option for larger packages. It offers multiple services for shippings through various means of communication such as by air, land, freight and express be it whether in the form of national or international delivery.


  • It has guaranteed express shipping.
  • It is quite affordable for heavy shipments.
  • It is a great tracking service.


  • It can be a bit expensive.
  • Saturday delivery can cause a cost and there is no free pickup package.

3. FedEx:

This mailing service is the most advanced and recent one. It has a developed tracking system that allows the person to mail their package.

It is much superior and advanced than UPS and USPS. FedEx is very quick in taking actions against priority mails. It can deliver mails at doorsteps be it national or international.

It is the best option for large packages and can take a maximum weight of about 150 lbs.

FedEx users have an added advantage that packages get delivered on Saturdays as well, unlike UPS.

This is although a bit more expensive option than the other two but if it comes with larger packages it can be negotiable. This is the best for large shipments, express deliveries who seek for fast and dependable shipping. It is a great option for air shipments and next day deliveries.


  • It has the best tracking service.
  • It has numerous discount.
  • It has delivery options for Saturday’s.


  • It can become quite expensive.
  • There are lesser offices and no free package for pickup.


It is often very confusing for buyers as to which delivery option to choose. But after this guidebook, it hopes to be helpful for the readers to choose which one they prefer. The customer limiting themselves to just one option is not a smart thing to do. One should choose the shipping provider carefully according to the weight and the package delivery. It depends on the business model, average order weight, and shipping destination.