Apply for UPS Jobs

UPS or the United Parcel Service has been delivering an exceptional service for the customers since 1907 and has continued to do so over the years.

Employing more than 400,000 workers in the company and stretching out over 300 countries, the United Parcel Service gives jobs to work full time, part-time or seasonal according to the employee’s preference.

This package delivery company has many package handlers and drivers all being promoted from within and all equipped with a good skill set. There are a lot of ways by which you too, can be an employee at the Universal Parcel Service.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

There are certain things different sections of UPS put forth as an eligibility criterion, so make sure to meet all those demands.

Customer Service

  • When working in customer service, you might want to learn about the job and its types before entering into that stream.
  • Even though having a high school degree is perfectly acceptable, your chances of getting hired increase if you have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Different courses in English, Communication, and Computer Technology can be taken up for this position. And like every job, it is good to have prior experience.

IT/Logistics Department

  • If you are interested in the IT/Logistics team, you need to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree for the job.
  • Apart from reading up on the job and gaining work experience, they also look at the subject you specialize in for the position within IT/Logistics.

Minimum Wage and Inequality Between Autonomies


  • Corporate positions require a bachelor’s degree although even a master’s degree in a certain field can be taken for consideration more often than usual.
  • You need improved skillsets on leadership, networking and you should have done some internships for work experience.

Business Management

  • Aiming at business management, it is quite important you have a degree in business management and sometimes a minor degree in accountancy, finance, etc. also should help.
  • The certificates to present may vary according to the career paths in business management too and it is always advantageous to have prior work experience.

Delivery Department

  • Working for deliveries, you need to have a driver’s license and your driving record should be clean.
  • For permanent positions, a degree in automotive engineering can aid you and the workers need to undergo a physical fitness test to make sure you are healthy to lift packages and deliver them.

Other than these requirements, you need to be 18 years old for basic eligibility, and UPS works 24 hours a day 7 days a week providing you with good opportunities.

Steps to Apply for Job at UPS

1. Have a solid resume:

Regardless of the work, having a strong and good resume aids you everywhere. Update your resume in accordance with the requirements of the kind of jobs you are looking for and never lie. Make it pleasing to read and systematic.

2. Look for openings:

Go on to the UPS website and you can search by position, keyword, and more for the position you are eligible for or interested in and apply for the same.

3. Attend the interview:

Almost 10-15 people are interviewed at a time and you will be asked questions on your education, eligibility, physical strength, etc. and shall be selected as per their requirements.

4. Choose your option:

You can work full time, part-time or seasonal even though seasonal can improve your resume and even lead to full-time positions in the long run.


UPS is also involved with air and ocean services apart from truck and hand delivery. Overall salary options look good in this company and it provides lots of opportunities to even part-time employees. Applying for this service may just turn out to be what you were looking for all this long.