Delivery Driver – Whats their Work and Functionalities

Within the Transport sector, the Delivery Drivers focus on the mobilization and delivery of a diversity of goods and products, for which they use motorcycles, vehicles, vans, trucks and bicycles to collect, carry and deliver the merchandise.

These individuals work for all types of establishments that provide home or door-to-door delivery services, such as couriers, parcels, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, among others.

The Delivery Drivers follow the pre-established routes and ensure the delivery of the package in the shortest possible time. Additionally, they use a variety of tools to classify and keep an inventory of assigned packages.

Principal functions of Delivery Driver

Here are the most common functions of a Delivery Driver:

  1. Upload the packages to be delivered:
    • Check the package list against the shipping and delivery documentation.
    • Review package specifications.
    • Load the packages, handling with extreme care those that are fragile.
  2. Establish the most efficient route for delivering packages:
    • Read maps and verify delivery addresses.
    • Analyze all possible routes.
    • Select the delivery route that is most effective.
  3. Inspect vehicles before departure:
    • Check the levels of gasoline, oil and coolant.
    • Inspect the vehicle to rule out the malfunction of any part.
    • Check brakes, windshield wipers, and lights.
  4. Drive the vehicle following the pre-established routes:
    • Comply with land traffic laws.
    • Parkin areas intended for loading and unloading of merchandise or package deliveries.
  5. Deliver packages:
    • Deliver the package to the appropriate recipient.
    • Return the packages to the central office or company when their delivery has not been possible.
    • Collect acknowledgments of receipt.
    • Charge the cost of shipping, if necessary.
  6. Keep track of delivered packages:
    • Document all information relevant to the delivered packages.
    • Deliver the corresponding supports at the central office or company.
    • Return packages that could not be delivered if Forgot User ID.
  7. Report emergencies, delays or accidents:
    • Notify the central office or company about any incident and request assistance if necessary.
  8. Carry out minor repairs on the vehicle:
    • Change the tires if necessary.
    • Add coolant when necessary.

Daily Tasks

  • Check the vehicle before departure.
  • Report any malfunctions or repairs.
  • Verify the list of packages to deliver.
  • Verify that all packages are properly loaded in the vehicle.
  • Verify directions and routes.
  • Driving the vehicle in accordance with current regulations and land traffic laws.
  • Deliver packages and collect duly signed acknowledgments.
  • Return packages to the sender when delivery failed.
  • Keep track of deliveries and returns.
  • Report any emergency or accident.

Candidate Profile

  1. Mechanical knowledge and driving ability:
    • Remain alert when driving and be aware of what is happening around you, as well as being able to identify and prevent risks to avoid accidents.
    • Monitor the condition of the vehicle and make periodic reviews of the unit.
    • Be able to perform minor maintenance or repairs on the vehicle.
  2. High level of independence and ingenuity:
    • Be able to work on your own and without supervision.
  3. Excellent physical condition and resistance:
    • Being able to withstand long hours of work.
    • Withstand different types of weather conditions.
    • Have the necessary physical strength to load and unload the merchandise.
  4. Stress management and able to manage your time effectively:
    • Work according to pre-established schedules.
    • Arrive at the site destined for prompt delivery.
  5. Communication skills:
    • Interact with the recipients of the packages.
    • Be the link between the company and customers.
  6. Mathematical skills:
    • Calculate the departure and arrival times.
    • Establish an effective route for delivery.
    • Charge shipping costs to recipients when necessary.
  7. High level of honesty, integrity and reliability.

The vast majority of job offers apply for candidates who have completed their primary education. However, in some cases, those who finished high school are preferred. Similarly, among the most common requirements, companies look for applicants with a minimum of 18 years of age and with a valid type B driving license or permit through App.

Likewise, those with between one (1) to two (2) years of work experience are preferred. Performing as a Delivery Driver implies working long hours and even night hours, weekends and holidays, depending on the needs of the job.