Courier and Parcel – Matter of Time, Money and Effort

But, why do it if there are companies that offer the courier and parcel service that deliver for you. Give yourself time to examine several options and you can choose with confidence a reliable supplier that guarantees delivery safely, within a certain period of time and, above all, at a good price.

In this article, we will let you know the options offered by the providers of this service, their characteristics and the prices for sending an envelope or package from Mexico City to Mexicali, Baja California.

The Packaging and Messaging Service

It consists of carrying packages properly wrapped and labeled or with packaging that allows their transfer and that is provided to third parties on roads under federal jurisdiction law, according to the Parcel and Courier Regulations, which entered into force on September 30, 2011.

Specific regulations that packages must be wrapped and labeled or with packaging that allows handling, delivery and delivery from their origin to their final destination and must not weigh more than 31.5 kilograms.

In accordance with article 52 of the Federal Road, Bridge and Highway Transport Law, companies must have the corresponding permits issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation for the provision of parcel and courier service on roads and bridges of federal jurisdiction.

The complete service includes the collection, transfer, tracking, distribution, tracking and delivery at predetermined times of packages in an expedited manner, and is characterized by providing speed, security and specialization of services, among other things. According to the National Statistical Directory of Economic Units (NSDEU), there are 2,941 companies in Mexico that offer local and foreign courier and parcel service. Foreign companies have more than 92% of the national market:

In this industry, several private companies operate, both Mexican and transnational, and one public, Mexican Postal Service.

Classification of Services

According to information from the Mexican Association of Courier and Parcel, AC, the most usual classification in the courier and parcel service is based on delivery times.

In national services there are four:

  1. Schedule determined the next day (7:45 am, 8:30 am, 11:00 am, etc.).
  2. The next day.
  3. Specific day (2 days, 4 days, etc.).
  4. Re-expeditions (once a week or every fifteen days, depending on destination).

In turn, there are two international services:

  1. Express (1 to 3 days, depending on destination country).
  2. Deferred (from 2 to 6 days, depending on destination country).

Another classification is based on local or metropolitan, regional, national and international coverage.

Mails From Mexico

The public courier and parcel service is provided by Correos de México. It has the service of sending national and international parcels, as well as the delivery of courier services in an accelerated or expressway. It currently has a coverage of 98% of the Mexican Republic, 2,538 routes and terrestrial circuits, as well as more than 27,000 service points, of which 1,411 are offices for customer service distributed throughout the country and 1,112, are windows for service Express (Mexpost).

The classification of the services offered is based on the delivery commitment:

  • Next day: in main cities.
  • Two following days: for intermediate cities.
  • Deferred Delivery: in remote locations.
  • Express: through the Mexpost service.

The price of shipping in the national territory is determined based on the weight, the volume of the piece, place of destination, means of transport (land or air) and international shipments, by the country of destination.

Comparison of Prices in Companies

There are several restrictions for shipping different products, such as those mentioned below:

Importantly, only companies and services that specified delivery times were chosen, even if they were approximate. Take into account that the costs are estimated and for reference only, since at the date of publication of this article they may have changed.

CompanyName or type of serviceDelivery timeEstimated price for sending an envelopeEstimated price for sending a package
DHLDomestic Express 10:30Next day$ 233$ 541
Domestic Express 12:00Next day$ 215$ 499
Domestic expressAt the end of the next day$ 215$ 416
Domestic Economy SelectAt the end of the next day$ 176$ 419
Post officeNext dayNext day$ 198$ 872
Two daysTwo days$ 169$ 827
FedEx ExpressNational economicAbout six days$ 157$ 273
MultipackExpress Messaging1 to 4 business days$ 139
Standard$ 139
UPSExpress saverApproximately four days$ 302$ 738

Note: Some companies request in their quotations only the weight of the envelope or package and not the dimensions, and also do not include or do not specify if the price is VAT. Take into account that VAT is different for the country’s border area (11%).

According to the results, the price for sending an envelope can range from $ 121 to $ 302. This 240% difference between one price and another is due to the delivery time. For the first case, it takes approximately 6 days to arrive and for the second, four.

By sending a package with the features described above, you can pay between $ 139 and $ 872. Here the difference between one price and another is 627%. If you opt for the first price, your package will take up to 4 days, while for the second, one day.

Therefore, it is important that you evaluate how fast you want your shipment to arrive: the faster, the more you pay.

For more detailed information on costs, delivery times, characteristics and taxes of the service you require, go directly to the provider.

When Hiring the Service, Request Proof

In accordance with article 20 of the Packing and Courier Regulations, companies must provide you with a package or guide letter for each package with the following characteristics:

  • The number of Waybill or Guide.
  • Name or business name of the sender, permit holder and recipient.
  • Date of issue.
  • Price of the service.
  • Statement of content and weight.
  • Special driving conditions, if necessary.
  • Insurance offered.
  • Terms and guarantees.

Article 12 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law (LFPC) specifies that the supplier has the obligation to deliver to the consumer invoice, receipt or voucher, in which the specific data of the provider and the contracted service are verified. In the absence of a Shipping Document or Guide, the aforementioned documents will be your proof of any anomaly with the supplier. Therefore, we recommend that you always request them, in order to specify in writing the characteristics of the contracted service.

The Price of “Delivering Yourself”

We have presented some of the approximate prices that you would have to pay to private courier and courier companies, however, when hiring a service, the question always arises about what the price would be for doing it yourself.

Without rigorous analysis, we could assume that the price will be higher since the courier and courier companies have logistic procedures not only applicable to your shipment but for others, which allows them to offer lower prices than if you did, which You would go to one place and deliver only one package.

Therefore, we made four quotes for a trip with the departure date on September 20, 2013. For airlines, it was considered as the return date on the same day, while for the ground trip two days later, as the trip It lasts on average 38 hours by bus and 25 hours by car.

The main feature of a courier and parcel service is that your shipment arrives in a timely manner to the destination. However, take into account the following considerations when choosing the company and the type of shipment:

  1. Research on the coverage and characteristics of the service in different companies. According to the time and destination that interests you, choose the best price.
  2. Check online quotes, as they will help you know the approximate price of the service.
  3. Schedule shipping and delivery dates; Do not forget to take holidays and non-working days into account. Saturday or holiday deliveries have an additional charge and in some cases, it is restricted to certain regions.
  4. All packages must be properly wrapped and labeled. If you are going to carry out the packaging, follow the instructions given by the company, some offer you the description online.
  5. Remember that if the package exceeds the weight in kilograms and maximum lengths, you will pay an additional charge.
  6. Write clearly and completely the address where the shipment will arrive since an error, omission or lack of clarity of the information can be causes of return of the package.
  7. Ask about the guarantees, what happens when the shipment was not delivered to the recipient, additional charges, compensation for non-compliance with delivery times, means to track the shipping status and coverage, among others.