Delivery Process of a Package in Correos

Post usually has two types of shipping:  Order that does not consist of tracking and has deposited in the mailbox and, on the contrary, the certificate. The latter does have a follow-up and, in addition, must be delivered by hand as it requires a mandatory signature. In this article, we will detail the Process of Delivery of Packages.

Therefore, when it is a certified shipment, Correos makes available to its customers a tracking number in which they can check the course that their belongings are following through the locator of the website. Shipments have several major phases:

Mail Delivery Process States

  • Pre-admission: The order has been set register by Correos, facilitating the sender’s access to the eCommerce system of the logistics company. In this case, there are two options, or the sender is a Post customer, so he will pick up all the packages scheduled for shipment or they are the ones who go to the Post offices.
  • On my way: The package has already entered the Post Office network, along with millions of other shipments. This point can mean several things, that the package is waiting in a vehicle to leave already on the road on the road, that it is located in a huge 10-meter-high bookshelf, or that it is traveling through some of the Post Office stores through an electrical tape.
  • On delivery: This section means that the package has already reached the delegation of the corresponding shipping city or the center of the province. This step usually occurs at dawn since when the sun rises the dealer begins to make his distribution daily.

Role of Transportation in Logistics Field

Normally deliveries are made quickly, you always have to have unforeseen factors such as no one at home, wrong address and other situations that may cause a delay in shipping.

Other states of the Mail Package Delivery Process

We can also find other states corresponding to the shipment such as the following:

  • Pre-registration : the order has been registered by the seller.
  • Admitted : the shipment has been admitted to the home office.
  • Classified : the order has been circulating on the transport belts, that is, it is in the logistics center.
  • In transit : the package is on its way to the destination province.
  • Registration in the Delivery Unit: the package has been scanned and is inside a vehicle.
  • In Delivery: the package is on the roads of the destination city.
  • In Delivery Process : normally, this status appears when some mishap has occurred as an unreachable recipient, failed delivery …
  • Rerouted : due to some error, the package was not in the office in charge of its distribution, so delivery will be delayed.
  • Redirected : happens when it is a wrong address.
  • Arrival at destination office: the shipment has arrived at the destination city.
  • Attempted delivery : again, it means that an attempt has been made to deliver and could not have been by an absent recipient. In these cases, they are likely to leave us a notice to pick you up at the Office.
  • Available to the recipient : This means that the recipient can pick up the package at the USPS office.
  • Delivered: The package is already in the hands of its recipient.
  • Return to sender / Return:  Produced by any incident described above. If it has been 15 days and nobody has picked it up, the package returns to the sender.

Reasons Why (Sometimes) You Don’t Get Amazon Packages

So far there were eight official reasons for not getting an Amazon package, according to Amazon, of course:What if the shipping address is incorrect

When the delivery information is not correct, the shipping company returns the order. We advise you to check the shipping address when placing your order. Visit our help page on how to add and manage your addresses to verify that the information you entered is correct.What if the format of the unrecognizable postal section

If delivery information is entered incorrectly, our system may not recognize the address and we may send your order through a transport company that does not deliver in postal boxes. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to write “Post Office Box” followed by the number of your post office box on “Address Line 1”.That if it is a shipment to a restricted address

If you send the request to a prison, correctional or other similar institution, it is possible that the products and/or the transport company in charge of delivery are subject to certain specific restrictions.Because there have been several failed delivery attempts

Most transport companies will make more than one delivery attempt. Normally, they will leave a failed delivery attempt notice with their contact information to set a new delivery date. If they finally fail to deliver the package, they will send it back to us.Because the delivery has been rejected

If the recipient does not expect to receive any order, he may refuse delivery assuming that it was an error. In these cases, we refund the total amount of the order to the person who placed it and send a confirmation email. If you send a gift to another person, it is convenient to inform the recipient that he will receive a package.Because the package label is illegible

Sometimes, the label may be damaged during the transport of the order and therefore the delivery address is illegible. In these cases, the transport company sends us a return package.Because the package has been damaged in transit

If the package is damaged during transport, the transport company may return it without attempting delivery.Because it has been retained at customs.

To avoid having your package retained in customs, it is important that the CIF / NIF number be included in the second line of the shipping address.