Registration is compulsory to access the Portal. Employees of UPS can now Register with below-mentioned ways.

How to Register

For New Registration, Follow these steps.

  • Go to Official Website.
  • Find New User ID and PIN section.
  • Select the required details.
    1. I work in
    2. Employee Type
    3. Enrollment Date
    4. Last Name
    5. Employee ID
Registration form
  • After submitting all the info, Your account will be created.
  • Sign up process is completed. Save this Information.
  • Now you are a Registered User.
  • You can go to the Login page and Enter UserName/Password.
  • Upon successful validation, you are signed in.


What is my User ID?

Your Employee ID can be used as User-ID. The format looks like [email protected]

How much time does Registration take?

It hardly takes 5-10 minutes of your time to complete the procedure.

I have Forgot Password. How to Recover my Credentials?

Simply Click on Forgot Pin. Then, you will be given some options for verification. Select one of them and verify yourself to Change password.

I have Registered, But cannot enter the site?

If you have any issues, Check their help page.

How can i Change my Profile information?

Once after the Registration, You can Sign in to your Profile and look for the User summary page. Then select Edit to Update/modify your personal information. You can update things like Phone number, traveling user status, shipping location, and Admin authority privilege.

Is there Any App for mobile?

You can use UPS Go App provided by the Company.

During Registration, Any Identity proof is required?

No, you just need Employee Identification Number given by the UPS.

After Finishing Registration, Is my Account activated immediately?

In most of the cases, It will be activated quickly. If you have any trouble, please reach Customer support.

Can i have multiple UPS Account?

No. A person can Register only one account with his ID.

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